Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten years

I just had my ten year high school reunion had a lot of fun and now that it is over I have been sitting and reflecting how I have changed in ten years, how life has changed in ten years. Ten years ago I was 17, freshly graduated and high on life, ready to go into the Army after one last summer of fun.
September 11 2001 we all know this day, it was the day that changed a lot things about our world. It was a culture shock to me, things would never go back to the way they were. I turned 18 10 days later and went to boot camp in January 2002 didn't make it through apparently running is necessary lol. March 2002 "Met" first husband "A" fell in love and married him in November after he got done with boot camp and all that I was now a Navy wife, I moved from my home and everyone/everything I knew to Corona California to start my new life, soon moved to Coronado so A and I could be together easier, It wasn't easy and in 2004 we divorced. That was the year I got into bad things that could have gotten me into a lot of trouble had I gotten caught. That was also the year I became a mom. July 29 2004 the turning point in my life. Up until that point it had been me me me, now I had Boo and was a single mom time to grow up huh? I started school still rather much in the same self imposed prison shell I confined myself to in High School to afraid of what others thought to enjoy myself. While in school I reconnected with an old flame "J" and rekindled that old flame and November 2005 I got married again (seeing a trend with November?) As with a lot marriages now a days I was pregnant when we got married and in June 2006 we got a happy healthy baby boy L. J's and my marriage was rocky for many reasons a lot of them mine but a lot his as well. And being the intelligent people that we are we thought another baby could help us and no sooner did we talk about it then my stubborn princess made her way past the pill and in January 2008 she was born LOL but things did not change and in 2009 J moved us from Vegas back to Pahrump where I got my first real job since school and we got our divorce. This is where I REALLY started to grow as a person, I met Kuma and we fell in love fast (like we are talking weeks here) but instead of being half of a couple he encouraged me to be me first, he brought out the real me and I am sure some days everyone (including him) wish he had not awakened the pain in the butt I really can be. I still have my days where I am insecure and I am nearly always Highly emotional but hiding my emotions for well over 10 years and suddenly being free to express my self well I go a lil crazy now and then. Here we are Kuma and I have been together 21 months as of yesterday and I am engaged again only this time, its the real thing for better and for worse all the way, we have weathered hardships together already and thanks to him I know I can handle anything life throws my way and I can look forward to the next ten years knowing when I sit here and type then I am going to be saying "WOW what a ride!" LOL

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